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Our history

A century of passion and tradition

img medium The foundation of the porticos img small The foundation of the porticos

The foundation of the porticos

In the second half of the 19th century, in 1867 to be exact, "La porta di terra", Crotone principal gateway, was demolished to allow the expansion of the city. In the same year, columns recalling the Doric style of the temple of Hera Lacinia, were erected to become the structural element of "the portico colonnade of Crotone".
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The foundation

A few years later, at the edge of the arcades, between 1880 and 1890 Alessandro Russo established the Caffè Italia. The art was passed down through generations and Caffè Italia is still owned and managed today by Alfonso Russo, a member of the founding family.
img medium The passage of time between two eras img small The passage of time between two eras

The passage of time between two eras

Caffé Italia can be considered a physical boundary between two historical periods: on one side the old Centre of Crotone, still partially enclosed in the city-walls, with its narrow streets, churches, Nobile palaces and small family-run shops; on the other side the modern Crotone, stretching from the nearby light-filled Piazza Pitagora, to the sea-side, but also towards the modern districts, that arose after the demolition of portions of the city-walls, housing administrations, banks, schools, fashion shops, and the pedestrian street.
img medium Social gathering img small Social gathering

Social gathering

These two worlds meet every day at Caffè Italia. In a moment of intense social togetherness, the student and the shopkeeper, the priest and the professor, the foreigner and the Crotonese guardian of the city’s cultural heritage, all come together while sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying a pastry.
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Sweet habits

If you have some time to spare, then you can move to the indoor lounge, where a trail of vintage photographs, recounts the story of 'how we were', projecting a narrative of a life lost in centuries. Caffè Italia has become a place of identity, a reference in town not only for generations of Crotonese but also for many travelers. Skills, inventiveness, imagination and the culture for Art of Sweet Taste, have been experimented and grown, transforming a coffee-shop of quick transit into a place of habitual encounters unimaginable elsewhere.
img desktop The variety of products img desktop The variety of products img medium The variety of products img small The variety of products

The variety of products

Thanks to its collaborators, Caffè Italia has managed to expand its range of products, day by day, making the selection of treats even richer. Customers are, therefore, placed in front of a visual journey that stimulates their curiosity, satisfy their palate but also brings pleasure to their sight and soul together, and also some degree of embarrassment, because it is really difficult to choose one sweet from another.
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